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Our first introduction to Dobermanns came when our children grew up and were all working, and our youngest daughter bought herself a Red Dobermann (Zsholtz) who Nick and I fell in love with.  When our daughter moved away from home we missed him dearly which lead to my Mothers Day gift in 1997 being an adorable red Dobermann puppy by the name of Freuen.  This little fellow was the beginning of our life long passion for the breed. Since those early days of being Dobermann owners, we have now prided ourselves on breeding "friends for life" so many more families like yours can enjoy the pleasure and joy of having a Dobermann in your life. Years later, we brought home our first bitch, Britta, a black and tan Dobermann known as "Ebondobe Ever Bewitched". Britta was our first show dog, and the begining to what is still life in the show ring. Britta was lightly shown as she did not enjoy the show ring, although she brought to us three beautiful litters, which gave us our girl Antje, Aust. Gr. Ch. Glanikdobe Dancing with Love (30.9.03 - 15.7.16) and Greta, Glanikdobe Lily Rose (22.4.05 - 2.1.16) who was best friend to our grandchildren, Tahlia, Kyah and Amarli. Antje went on to bring to us Tessa, Sup. Ch. Glanikdobe Angels Got Me Here, owned and shown by Paul Nicholson. Tessa was our first Supreme Champion who was bred here a Glanikdobe. We sadly and unexpectly lost her early 2017. From Antje we also got our beautiful girls Leyna (Ch. Glanikdobe Dancing With Love) and Tyra (Glanikdobe Music of the Night), sired by our boy Cort, Sup. Ch. Auslander Love is a Gift from Jan Seary. Leyna and Tyra also bred us two young ones, Lara and Simba who will keep our Dobermann ownership alive for years to come.

Alongside of Wattavue Dobermanns, Miniature Poodles and Clydesdales we brought a boy over from Derringer Dobermanns in New Zealand. Tiko has already done us proud by gaining his Supreme Champion title at a young age. Rhonda Harnell and Les Fabian at Wattavue keep our involvment in the ring with the Dobes alive in our partnership. 

In 2014, we welcomed our first Miniature Schnauzer into our family at Glanikdobe. 'Kenny' came to us at 10 years of age. Kenny was bred by Empire Miniature Schnauzers in Canada. After gaining his Canadian Champion title, Kenny was imported to Australia where he was shown by Kenraine Miniature Schnauzers. He was often up against our boy, Cort and so we formed a friendly relationship with his owners, who eventually retired him to our Grandaughter, Tahlia. We have since been blessed with two more Mini's, a Pepper and Salt boy called Alfie, and from Moneglen Miniature Schnauzers in Melbourne, we welcomed Moneglen Solar Fire in 2016, better known as 'Vada'. Vada is our first Miniature Schnauzer bitch, and our first black. Her upbeat, alert and affectionate personality has given us much to look forward to as we transition into the showing and breeding, and most of all the ownership of the Miniature Schnauzers. 

We sadly will no longer be breeding Dobermanns, although if you wish to seek out a trusted breeder, do not hesitate to contact us for a referal to a trustworthy, reputable breeder, or if you are seeking any advice. 

Gail & Nick Goodwin-Smith
Glanikdobe Dobermanns.


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